Meeting Magda August 13, 2015 13:17

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet Magda Sayeg, who is known as the mother of “yarn-bombing”. If you didn’t already know, yarn-bombing is a kind of guerilla street art that injects colour and whimsy into public spaces using yarn instead of paint and chalk.

So Magda was invited by upcoming premium outlet mall Design Village Penang (yes, Penang will have it’s own premium outlet mall in 2016) to yarn-bomb things like a vintage Volkswagen camper van, a vintage Mercedes, trees around Georgetown, a trishaw and the mall’s huge 3D letterings at the entrance of its sight in Batu Kawan. Stay updated on Design Village Penang news at .


Magda’s (and her team’s) works are really awesome. Check them out at and Awesome stuff! Also, here are some other street artists (other than the already-so-famous Banksy) to check out.

Magda having fun in Penang with volunteers

After meeting her yesterday, we each came back with a Design Village intro book that was wrapped in knitted sleeves featuring Magda’s trademark loud colours and style. It got us thinking that Magda’s works really do call attention to the traditional form of knitting, and its significance in communities. Magda always says that “one always knits for love” – a mother or grandmother knitting sweaters for the kids, a beautiful piece for your living room, etc. It’s traditional, and exciting, and also stimulating. And, as Magda puts it, she loves that it is art that you can touch. And we might just try being guerilla knit artists one of these days.

Hmmm…. What to cover in knitting? What everyday street object would you cover in bright knitted colours?